To recap:

  • New Tech Foundation has not provided peer-reviewed research demonstrating that it improves learning or that it better prepares students for college.
  • The New Tech curriculum is designed for students who have struggled with average or below average academic achievement.

  • The New Tech model will likely decrease the GPA of the high achieving students.

  • There is no indication among the seven Indiana New Tech high schools that it has increased attendance rates.
  • It is too early to tell what effect New Tech will have on graduation rates in Indiana, although reviewing the fourteen year history of Napa New Tech would suggest graduation rates will not improve.
  • Contrary to what was reported by the New Tech Foundation, there has not been a single case in which a New Tech school has been responsible for attracting industry to its community.
  • The Huntington County Community School Corporation will be facing state budget cuts of up to an additional 10% for the next school year, will be considering laying off additional teachers and will seriously consider closing a school. In light of the turbulent economy, can the School Board justify the nearly $1 million on this program?
  • If the School Board is to ensure the HCCSC administration stays within its proposed budget, they must be diligent in requiring the administrators to keep a separate accounting for all New Tech expenditures and to make certain there is accountability for staying within the New Tech budget.

One Response to Conclusion

  1. Heather says:

    I would like to know where you stand after two years of New Tech. Have your feelings changed at all? Is there any way I can contact you to find out more information?

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