How Does New Tech Affect Graduation Rates?

One of the goals of the HNHS administration is to increase graduation rates. Does New Tech deliver on that objective? Napa New Tech states 98% of their students graduate. New Tech Foundation Data. Yet, according to a New Tech Foundation’s executive summary of Napa New Tech, 35% of their juniors leave New Tech to attend a traditional high school for their senior year. With such a startling number of juniors dropping out of the program before their senior year, the math simply doesn’t add up to a 98% graduation rate.

According to the New Tech Foundation’s executive summary:

Because the school must recruit its students from across the district and beyond, retention and intake rates are important data. Recruiting and retaining the right students and teachers are critical to the school’s success, so staff is conscious of transfers out, new student recruitment, and upper-class enrollments. For example, the school is aware that 30 of the 85 juniors have indicated that they will transfer back to their community high schools after this school year, an abnormally high rate. New Tech Executive Summary (see bottom of page 6 of this summary)

During the question and answer session of the December 12, 2008 meeting, the principal of Napa New Tech, Howard Mahoney stated that after 13 years of its existence, this “abnormally high rate” of juniors leaving New Tech is a “challenge I face as principal of Napa New Tech.” Within a month after this question and answer session the executive summary containing this data was removed from the New Tech Network’s web site. Click on the following link to hear the entire question and answer session I had with Mr. Mahoney. 12-10-08 Questions of New Tech

As late as October 2009, due to the continuing issue of juniors choosing not to return for their senior year, Napa New Tech was recruiting seniors for the 2009-2010 school year even though the school year began in August 2009.


One Response to How Does New Tech Affect Graduation Rates?

  1. Anita R. says:

    They must have got tired of people leaving the program to go back to traditional education. I say this because its 2012 and our school had to sign a 3yr contract, was paid to take it and no student has a choice. We knew 1 day before school started and it was ours, like it or not!!

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