Will New Tech Attract Industries to our Community?

At the HCCSC School Board meeting of October 26, 2009, the high school administration implied that Huntington County would have an advantage in attracting new corporations and industries in contrast to a community without a New Tech high school. The school board asked: “Are there any cases in which a corporation located in a New Tech community citing the New Tech educated workforce as one of the main reasons for locating there?”

A written response was submitted from Adam Lowe, Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning (CELL) at the University of Indianapolis. (CELL acts as “an intermediary between New Tech Network and the schools in Indiana.”) Mr. Lowe’s response was: “Samsung officials cited Manor New Tech outside of Austin, Texas as a reason for choosing Manor, Texas to locate their sole semiconductor fabrication plant outside of Korea (a $4 billion investment, with 900 jobs).”

The facts do not support this statement. Samsung made the announcement to move Manor, Texas (a suburb of Austin) in April of 2006. http://www.semiconductor-technology.com/projects/samsung300/. Manor New Tech did not open its doors until August of 2007. http://www.manorisd.net/newtech/. Samsung opened a plant in Austin in 1997.  Could having an established plant in the vicinity have had more to do with Samsung’s decision to locate a new facility near Austin?http://www.statesman.com/business/content/business/stories/technology/2009/08/15/0815samsung.html.

The location of Samsung to Manor, Texas was not influenced by the establishment of Manor New Tech. To date, there is not one case in which a New Tech high school resulted in attracting an industry to a community. This should raise concerns regarding information from the New Tech Foundation. The superintendent pressed the School Board to approve New Tech the same night the board was given the answers to these questions, which did not give them the time to verify this or other answers to their questions prior to the vote. To view an address to the School Board urging them to have all the facts before approving New Tech, click the following link. 10-26-09 address to board


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